Purpose Beyond Sustainability

Business-As-Usual (BAU) is not what it used to be. A growing body of evidence suggests that we are at the edge of a new era: one that is driven by Higher Purpose.

Consumers, employees, suppliers, investors, and society in general are demanding more from the companies they buy from, work for, invest in, and let operate in their communities.  

What do they want?  They want business to be a force for positive, lasting, meaningful, and abundant change.  They want to trust that business is helping fulfill societal and ecological needs and are not exclusively focused on profits and shareholder value. They want business to enrich their lives and build healthier more resilient communities. 

The good news – businesses that pursue purpose beyond profit and create culture and leadership that maximizes shared value for all stakeholders, outperform their peers by as much as 10 to 1!

This is about more than a “do-good” mission or a cause.  It is about answering the core question, “Why do you exist?”, and then building the answers into your business strategy, culture, leadership, brand, and operations in ways that make you highly profitable AND create shared value that ignites the passion of all of your stakeholders.

SEED Strategies can help you (re)discover your Higher Purpose, build a new narrative, and then work with you to integrate your purpose into your business.

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