Environmental Employee Engagement (EEE) Roadmap

eee roadmapThe Environmental Employee Engagement Roadmap is a creation of TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank® (TD Bank), Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Climate Corps, and BrownFlynn, which collaborated on the Roadmap in order to assist organizations—whether corporations, government bodies, or not-for-profit groups—in effectively engaging their employees and members in the environment. This roadmap is based on the engagement methodology, strategies and programs that Brad designed and led while at TD Bank.

EEE is an emerging business trend driven by tangible benefits that companies realize from an engaged workforce—and a growing recognition that sustainability and the environment are powerful topics for engaging employees and customers alike.

This Roadmap seeks to address these challenges by laying out an approach to planning and executing an EEE program to realize its full business and environmental potential. The approach simplifies a complex subject into something manageable that can be implemented within your company. While recognizing that engagement happens at the individual level, the approach focuses on building a comprehensive program that engages a large majority of employees by grouping the workforce into a few segments and walking each through a common but tailored engagement process.

The goal of this Roadmap is to accelerate EEE through adoption of new, and expansion of existing, programs by linking them to business results. Placing EEE at the front and center of the business enables programs to reach and inspire large numbers of employees. As engaged employees rise in their business careers, they will bring an environmental sensibility with them. They will also carry it into their homes, communities, and our society at large. The Roadmap’s approach to engagement, while applied in this document to EEE, is also relevant to companies interested in engaging customers, and to the range of business, government, non-profit, and academic organizations seeking to engage citizens.

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