Brad Peirce Bio

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Brad Peirce has 20 years of experience creating long-term value for corporations, nonprofits, and communities by successfully advancing sustainability strategies, programs, processes, and platforms.

Brad specializes in a broad spectrum of sustainability disciplines that range from strategic planning to tactical design and implementation, program management, employee and stakeholder engagement, communications, training, and leadership development. He is passionate about creating a culture of social and environmental leadership at high performance companies.

Most recently, Brad co-led the creation of TD Bank’s first Environmental Affairs department; including its sustainability strategy, programs, and metrics. Brad went on to lead the design, implementation, and management of TD Bank’s enterprise-wide environmental programs including an award winning employee engagement methodology called “The 4Hs of Environmental Engagement – Head. Heart. Hands. Horn.” This successful methodology resulted in measurable increases in employee environmental awareness, pride & commitment, volunteerism, and leadership. To learn more about how to build a successful Environmental Employee Engagement (EEE) program, click here to read the “EEE Roadmap” that is based on Brad’s work at TD Bank.

Brad is also passionate about connecting great people and ideas. To that end, he created the Maine Environmental Sustainability Network (MESN) which brings change-makers and sustainability practitioners together to network and share ideas, best practices, and thought leadership for a sustainable future in Maine.

Prior to sustainable banking, Brad worked as a Wealth Manager where he developed and managed over $100 million banking relationships for high net worth individuals and their families.  He also worked as a Project Manager  where he designed and led community-based Integrated Conservation & Development (ICDP) projects for a variety of international organizations including Conservation International, Counterpart International, and the World Bank.

Above all else, Brad feels a deep sense of Purpose to help transform the way businesses think, act, and create value to become hugely profitable while at the same time elevating humanity and regenerating the planet. He is currently an avid student of Conscious Capitalism and Appreciative Inquiry.

Brad lives in Maine with his wife, two boys, and his dog. Brad loves being surrounded by all that Maine has to offer; including some of the best natural scenery, beer, food, and music in the world.

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