About Us

Maine-state-logoSEED Strategies is based in beautiful Maine where life is often said to be “The Way Life Should Be.

Why Maine? Maine has a rich history that is tied to the land and sea.  The people of Maine have deep respect and care for their natural resources.

Maine’s state motto, Dirigo, means “I lead.”  We believe Maine can help lead the rest of the world on the path to a sustainable future by building a sustainable economy that is in balance with nature – from our salty seas to our lush forests to our majestic mountains.

As an old adage says, “As Maine goes, so goes the nation.”


We recognize that success and greatness begin with an idea, a seed. But a seed will only take root and grow when it has the necessary elements and nutrients.  SEED Strategies works with you to uncover great ideas, and provide the strategies, programs, and tools that will make your sustainability efforts blossom and your business thrive.

SEED stands for Social, Environmental, and Economic Development; referring to a Triple Bottom Line accounting framework that has three categories of measurable impact and value.   Also referred to as “People, Planet, Profit”, these performance measures are essential for organizations that want to succeed, if not survive, in today’s rapidly changing world.   Many highly profitable and successful companies use this framework to inform their Sustainability efforts and core business strategies.


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